Lost Productions
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Still

 Based on a passage from Charles Dickens' novel, a Tale of Two Cities. The passage explains how it took four men to serve the Marquis a cup of hot chocolate. In a time of abject poverty and revolution, a few wealthy nobles exploited their power over the lower classes. After all, it takes only one person to make and serve Hot Chocolate, the film and the drink. (2 min.)

Close Encounters With Some Aliens
Close Encounters Still

A parody of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Memento, and other films. After the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, Bobby, Winston begins a dangerous pursuit of the suspected unknown. With the ambitious, yet conniving, scientist, Dr. Michel Macombe (Bobby's ex-lover) at his heels, Winston relies on his friends and acumen in hopes to reunite with his lover. (20 min.)

Tickets Still

In the Fall of 2005, the students of Boston College experienced an online crash while attempting to purchase Hockey and Basketball season tickets over the internet. What was the university's solution? For one day, the ticket booths of Conte Forum would open. What resulted? The student body challenged the system by gathering outside the gates the night before. Mayhem. Among those students, Five Freshmen - nay, Five Superfans - decided to brave the perilous conditions that awaited outside and beyond the doors of Conte. Friendship was tested. This is their story. (15 min.)


A Dorm Room Door. There are two sides to every story.

American Students Abroad
American Students Abroad Still

American Students Abroad.